Cosequin For Cats | Managing Arthritis in Cats One Sprinkle Capsule at a Time



Introducing Nutramax Laboratories Cosequin for cats Senior Joint Health Supplement for Cats, the cat’s pajamas when it comes to supporting your senior feline’s joints! Say goodbye to those kitty arthritis blues with this sprinkle capsule superhero.

Cosequin for Cats Benefits

Does your cat turn into a contortionist at the sight of a pill? Not anymore! With Cosequin Senior, there’s no need for a wrestling match. Simply sprinkle the magic dust onto their food, and voila! Your cat won’t even suspect they’re getting a joint health boost.

cosequin for cats

We know senior cats have seen it all, from knocking over your favorite vase to plotting world domination. But with age comes wisdom, and sometimes a little joint discomfort. Cosequin Senior is here to save the day, giving your cat the mobility they need to continue their reign as ruler of the household.

This product is recommended by veterinarians and you can often buy this straight from your vet, although it might be quite a bit pricier.


Formulated by the geniuses at Nutramax Laboratories, this supplement is more than just a treat—it’s a game-changer for your cat’s quality of life. So why wait? Treat your senior cat to the joy of easy movement and fewer grumpy meows with Nutramax Laboratories Cosequin Senior Joint Health Supplement for Cats. It’s the cat’s whiskers of joint support!