PetKit PuraMax & PuraX

petkit pura max

PetKit Pura Max & PuraX

The Cat Whisperer of Automatic Litter Boxes

Double-Sifting Technology Catches Everything!

Imagine this: self-cleaning litter boxes that not only sift your cat’s business with surgical precision but also respect their personal space like a posh butler.

Enter the Petkit Pura Max Self-Cleaning litter boxes strutting onto the scene with an air of sophistication that would make even the snobbiest cat arch an eyebrow in admiration.

Even the larger model is compact

Hold onto your feather toy, because the PetKit Pura comes in not one, but two dazzling models: the Puremax and its larger model the PuraX.

No color selection conundrum with this automatic litter box – one color does it – white.


The PuraMax and PuraX self-cleaning litter boxes are like the compact superheroes of the feline world, squeezing into even the tiniest corners to save your space and sanity, making them a top rival to the Meowant. With their sleek design and automated cleaning prowess, these litter boxes make scooping a thing of the past – leaving you more time for cuddles and cat memes.

Say goodbye to the days of litter box dread and hello to a cleaner, more convenient litter box experience. Get ready to upgrade your cat’s bathroom game with the PetKit Pura Max and PuraX – because who said cleaning up after your furball can’t be the cat’s meow of modern technology?

Dimensions: 24.4″ wide x 21.18″ deep x 21.73″ high

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